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Nombre de empresaKroser La Palmirense – Nadisur S.A
Industriaconstruction and transportation
Especificación del camiónUTILEV® lift truck

Trusted Recommendation and UTILEV® Lift Truck Helps Get Uruguay Company Back on Track

When an electrical fire recently destroyed his company’s only lift truck, Pedro Suarez needed a replacement…and fast.

Four days later he was driving a new UTILEV® lift truck and operations were back on track.

Suarez, director at Kroser La Palmirense – Nadisur S.A., a Uruguay-based construction and transportation business, did not have a lot of time available to research the best options for a new lift truck. A friend in the transportation and logistics business recommended Suarez contact Jose Maria Duran S.A. (Duran), a local service dealer that carries the UTILEV line of lift trucks, as well as other vehicles and trucks for heavy industry and construction.

“Since Duran was recommended by my friend, I had confidence in his advice,” Suarez said. “I then put UTILEV on my short list for a replacement lift truck. I was very comfortable with my friend’s recommendation of Duran.”

Suarez met with Martin dos Santos, a UTILEV brand manager for Duran (www.josemduran.com). After learning about Suarez’s application and how the lift truck is typically used a few hours each day moving pallets of cement, paint and other construction products on and off trucks, Santos believed UTILEV would be the perfect option.

“When operations require the use of a lift truck three to four hours a day, we recommend UTILEV,” dos Santos said. “We also carry lift trucks for more rigorous applications, but those are more expensive. For light- to medium-duty applications, UTILEV is a smart, economical choice.”

Suarez’s old forklift was destroyed on a Thursday. The following Monday he met with dos Santos at Duran’s Montevideo, Uruguay, location to learn more about UTILEV, and by that evening had a new lift truck for his business. Suarez said he uses his new lift truck about six days a week, mainly in the mornings and evenings to handle arriving and departing shipments. 

The UTILEV line of lift trucks are designed for customers like Suarez who need a lift truck for intermittent use throughout the day or week, and comes with an attractive price point. When compared to a used or refurbished lift truck, UTILEV trucks are a better value that delivers the performance and dependability found in a new truck.

UTILEV is for users who do not require advanced functionality or specialty attachments in their material handling applications. The truck’s simple, straight-forward design is easy to operate and maintain and comes backed by a standard 12 months/2,000 hours manufacturer’s limited warranty. Additionally, UTILEV trucks are supported by an extensive network of dealer locations throughout Central and South America.

Duran began carrying the UTILEV® brand in 2014, expanding its product offering to include a less expensive, easy-to-use model to complement its other premium-priced brands.

“We felt UTILEV was a good option for customers who don’t need to run a lift truck 24/7. It’s affordable and simple to use. These are things some of our customers are looking for,” dos Santos said.

UTILEV has been a steady seller since Duran started carrying the brand. It has also been a strong addition to their rental fleet, supporting Uruguay’s important seasonal orange-growing season between March and September.

Suarez said the lift truck, which he estimates was operated between 350-400 hours last year, has performed well for his company’s needs. “We don’t use it much, but when we need it, the UTILEV lift truck works perfectly,” he said. “I’m really happy with it and pleased my friend gave me the recommendation to contact Duran.”

UTILEV® lift trucks are distributed in Central and South America by Hyster-Yale Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. (NYSE:HY). Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. and its subsidiaries, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, employ more than 6,300 people worldwide.