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Nombre de empresaKice Industries
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The Right Forklift for the Job – UTILEV® Proves to Be the Ideal Solution for Kice Industries’ Paint Booth Application. Moving fabricated metal products in and out of a paint booth can be a messy job.

GREENVILLE, N.C. (October 3, 2016)
Moving fabricated metal products in and out of a paint booth can be a messy job. From paint overspray hanging in the air to the sticky ground, the environment is challenging for people and equipment alike.

At Kice Industries, the older model forklift tasked with supporting their paint booth application began to show its age. The thousands of hours logged on the unit were finally catching up to it, and it was no longer able to adequately meet the four - to - six hour weekday operational demands. Tim Kice, vice president – production, Kice Industries, knew it was time for a replacement truck, and he did what he had done in the past for other major equipment procurements...simply make one phone call to Lorne Autry, sales manager at Berry Material Handling.

“We’ve been working with Berry Material Handling, and in particular, with Lorne for a number of years,” Kice said. “When we’ve done multiple expansions in the past and Lorne has been our provider for forklifts, shelving and carts for materials. Pretty much the range of products they sell we buy from them exclusively.”

Wichita, Kansas - based Kice Industries ( www.kice.com ) is a leading manufacturer of skilled air products and services. From its 65,000 square - foot facility, they engineer and build pneumatic conveying, dust control and product handling systems for the food, milling, oil seed processing and other industries.

The relationship between the two companies began nearly 15 years ago when Berry Material Handling specified and sold offices, mezzanines and other equipment to accommodate Kice Industries’ new manufacturing facility at their current location. Berry Material Handling ( www.berrymaterial.com ) carries lift trucks, warehouse products and performs custom fabrication and installation from four locations throughout Kansas.

“We’ve had a long relationship with Kice Industries,” Autry said. “Tim needed a truck that feeds his paint line, and we had just picked up UTILEV® as a new product line. His application seemed like a good fit for this truck, and I wanted to give it a try with him. We put a full maintenance plan on it; Tim was really in a win - win situation.”

Although he had never heard of UTILEV® , Kice said the more he learned about the brand he was realizing that this was the right forklift for his application. UTILEV® ( www.northamerica.utilev.com ) is for users who do not require advanced functionality or specialty attachments in their material handling applications, comes competitively priced and with nationwide dealer support.

“We needed a unit that wasn’t too expensive. Putting things in and out of our paint booth we knew there would be paint overspray, and wear and tear on it, and we knew it wasn’t going to be kept in the best condition like our other forklifts,” Kice said. “But we definitely wanted something that would be reliable and wouldn’t break down.”

So as he has done many times in the past, Kice relied on Autry’s advice, and went with UTILEV® .

Four years later, the forklift is still going strong.

“The main way the forklift improves our operations is that it’s reliable,” he said, adding that the truck’s simple design is easy to use. “When our guys go and hop on it, it’s going to run. That’s critical for us.”

Berry Material Handling coordinates all service and maintenance with Kice Industries’ forklifts, and there have been very few problems from a maintenance standpoint with the UTILEV ® truck, Kice said.

“I’ll be recommending we replace our paint booth line with another UTILEV® ,” Kice said. “We’ve had a positive experience with this forklift; a lot of that is because of the forklift, but also it’s because of our relationship with Lorne and Berry and the fantastic service they’ve given us through the years.”