Green Cover Seed

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Nombre de empresaGreen Cover Seed
IndustriaFarm and Agriculture
UbicaciónBladen, Nebraska
Especificación del camiónUT25P and UT30P


Working on a farm can be a demanding environment, especially for equipment, and no one knows that better than Green Cover Seed.

Green Cover Seed, located in Bladen, Nebraska is a cover crop seed business founded eight years ago by brothers Keith and Brian Berns. Green Cover Seed sells a custom mix of different types of cover crops directly to farmers across the United States.

As the company grew, they needed to purchase multiple forklifts to meet the demands of their expanding warehouse and shipping operations.


Green Cover Seed was looking for rugged, but affordably-priced forklifts that would allow them to move between the warehouse and outdoor spaces.

Price, as with most farming and agriculture businesses, is a key consideration when in the market for new equipment, as well as ease of use, serviceability and reliability in dusty, dirty environments.


With the help of MH Equipment, Green Cover Seed purchased multiple UTILEV® lift trucks based on their low price, versatility and serviceability. “Being able to afford buying a new truck as opposed to a used model is what sold us,” says Brian Berns.

“We use the UTILEV® forklifts for loading trucks, whether it’s drive-ins or flatbeds,” said Travis Berns. The pneumatic tire trucks are ideally suited for their application giving them the flexibility to operate on surfaces other than just concrete.

UTILEV lift trucks are also backed by an expansive reseller network that carry the UTILEV® parts on hand to keep customers up and going.


UTILEV is for users like Green Cover Seed that need a lift truck for occasional use throughout the day or week, and do not require advanced functionality or specialty attachments in their material handling applications.

The ability to buy new at almost a used lift truck price is an attractive feature to the farm and ag industry. And when it comes to the service, UTILEV® resellers have the parts availability and the technicians trained to service that piece of equipment locally.

“We are in very dusty and dirty environments a lot of times and haven’t had any problems with the forklift. I would definitely recommend it to someone, whether in the farm, ag or industrial industries – it’s a very good forklift for the application,” says Travis Berns.